Contract Disputes

Contract disputes account for the substantial majority of litigation in the United Kingdom and the cases which we manage. Interpretation and construction of contractual rights and obligations are common factors in the breakdown of contractual relationships.

Breach of contract claims and defences | Termination and repudiatory breach | Retention of title clauses | Contractual consideration | Misrepresentation, mistake and fraud | Aassignment and novation of rights and obligations | Limitation

Our solicitors advise individuals, companies, partnerships and charities on all aspects of English contract law and disputes concerning contractual rights and obligations. We represent claimants and defendants in a number of high-value and complex contract disputes in the High Court.

Recent and current cases include

  • Acting for a claimant manufacturer in a dispute regarding the interpretation of a contract.
  • Acting for a defendant distributor in a High Court claim regarding the operation of a retention of title clause.
  • Acting for the claimant in a claim against a retailer in repudiatory breach of contract.
  • Acting for the purchaser of a company against the former owner in a claim for breach of warranty and breach of the share purchase agreement.
  • Defending a supplier against a breach of contract claim, recovering loss of profit in a successful counterclaim and recovery of legal costs on the indemnity basis.

Our experience

  • Assignment and novation of contractual rights and obligations
  • Breach of contract
  • Contractual Consideration
    • Inadequate or failed consideration
    • Past consideration, part payment of debts, part performance of contracts and proprietary estoppel
  • Discharge of the contract by performance or agreement
  • Duress, undue influence and incapacity
  • Exemption clauses and limitation of liability
  • Frustration and force majeure
  • Limitation
  • Mistake, misrepresentation and fraud
  • Penalty clauses and liquidated damages
  • Privity of contract
  • Rectification
  • Retention of title clauses
  • Terms of the contract
    • Use of standard terms and conditions
    • Battle of the forms
    • Incorporation
    • Reasonableness
    • Enforceability
    • Classification
    • Construction
    • Interpretation
  • Termination of the contract by agreement or after breach
  • Third party rights