Contract Drafting

Well drafted contracts increase productivity and efficiency, minimise risk and scope for error and effectively limit liability. Certain commercial relationships will require bespoke contract terms to suit the purpose and requirements of a specific project. Investing in comprehensive legal documentation prevents the time consuming and costly consequences of poor quality and inappropriate precedent contracts.

Our contract dispute experience reinforces our knowledge and understanding of when, why and and how contracts fail. In our experience, the majority of contract disputes arise as a result of poor contract drafting. We regularly draft contracts and contract terms for individual and business clients for use in a broad range of sectors and industries.

Our experience

  • General contract advice
    • Standard terms and conditions for the sale or purchase of goods
    • Bespoke terms of business for the sale and supply of goods and services in business to business supply contracts
    • Exclusion and limitation clauses to exclude or limit liability.
    • Agency and distribution agreements
    • Information requirements in commercial and consumer contracts
    • Cancellation rights for distance and off-premises contracts
    • Suspending the sale of goods or supply of services
    • Dealing with faulty or mis-described products
    • Guarantees
    • Interest on late payment
  • Operative provisions and main terms in consumer contracts
    • Specification
    • Delivery
    • Acceptance
    • Price and payment
    • Packaging
    • Retention of title
    • Risk and insurance
  • Boilerplate clauses
    • Assignment
    • Force majeure
    • Choice of law: Jurisdiction and governing law
    • Dispute resolution and alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
    • Notice
    • Severance
    • Variation
    • Entire agreement