Statement of case

Rule 2.3(1) of the Civil Procedure Rules 1998 (“CPR”) defines a statement of case as a claim form, particulars of claim, defence, counterclaim, defence to counterclaim or reply to defence. Further information provided pursuant to Part 18 of the CPR is also included in the definition of statement of case.

The rules which deal with the contents of statements of case are set out in Part 16 of the CPR and the supporting commentary.

  • Statements of case are required to set out the parameters of the case that is being advanced by each party.
  • They must identify the issues and the extent of the dispute between the parties.
  • They should state concisely the general nature of each party’s case.
  • They must be verified by a statement of truth.

Formerly known as ‘pleadings’, the statements of case should concisely set out the factual basis on which the claimant or defendant relies. The extensive detail of the nature of the case and evidence in support of the factual basis of the claim or defence should be provided in witness statements and in the course of disclosure.